Full Moon Frenzy Friday: The Day Karma Lived

A true tale from the cacophonous calamity of the classroom

Darkened Classroom
Darkened Classroom

Perhaps this is where karma began to take notice of my humble existence or the butterfly of chaos flapped its delicate wings somewhere in the universe of my selfish actions.

Before we delve into pure madness, I must give a bit of context. This maddening Friday did not begin with any sign or implication that buffoonery of any kind would take place. First, second, and third period went smoothly without a hitch. Students entered, they did their work, they asked their questions, the bell rang, and they departed.

But, in actuality, it was just enough time for all hell to break loose.

I begin to look for my co-teacher. Time passes. Three minutes, then five minutes, then 7 minutes, where could she be? I sent a student to another teacher to request if she would watch over my class while I go sign my receipt. I wait patiently in the hallway for the return of either the student or my co-teacher. Finally! The student returns with another teacher to watch my class, and my co-teacher returns at the same time.

I have never felt so powerless in my classroom.

Karma rose from its sleeping depths and bitch slapped me in the face, open-palmed. This is my reaping a greedily sewn day. I’d never seen such a display of lunatics in my entire existence. Thank God fifth period was my planning. I could sit, think, and process what happened in the last chaotic minutes of my zoo-room — I mean classroom.

I am a writer, teacher, poet, student, and an infinite seeker of knowledge.

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