How one adverb destroys an entire counter-argument.

This will be brief because it is a topic that was never up for debate. There seems to be a belief that the phrase “black lives matter” excludes all other classified cultures and races. Let’s get to the point.

The reason we have to chant “black lives matter” is because, for many people and groups, they simply do not. Names of these groups are irrelevant, just like their belief that the phrase “all lives matter” is a counter-argument. We have to proclaim “black lives matter” to ensure minority inclusion in the value of life. …

Why convenience is never a good protest

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Each morning in schools across the nation, the pledge of allegiance is announced with traditional lore and pride in the classrooms of the new millennium and social media aged generation: and no one stands. This alarming fact takes many by patriotic storm who have not been in a recent classroom.

“The pledge states justice for all. Our country does not have an equal justice system.”

The initial response to this quizzical behavior is to ask, “why not stand?” When asked, students immediately report that “Colin Kaepernick didn’t stand, so I will not.” Only about 90% of the students in this…

Another Tale of Cacophonous Calamity in the Classroom

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There have been very few moments in life when you want to sacrifice everything for the sake of kicking ass. When I say giving up everything I mean career, getting possible jail time, entering lawsuits, and of course, gaining infamy on the infinity of the internet for losing your cool. I was face to face with one of these moments less than a year ago.

It was the last 3 minutes of first block. These last few minutes of class seem to be the window for chaos in classrooms. The hard-working students sat focused on their assignments. Laptops were open…

A true tale from the cacophonous calamity of the classroom

Darkened Classroom
Darkened Classroom

It was year four in this twisted ideology of a profession called teaching. The idea of taking 20 to 30 strange children and putting them in a room together, and placing an unfamiliar adult in the room to influence them is still the norm around the country. Usually, I just talk to my family about the crazy days in the classroom. But this Friday, the Friday of September 17, 2016, I had to document for my own memories. This day will forever be known in my records as Full Moon Frenzy Friday: The Day Karma Lived.

I’m sure you’ve heard…

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I am a writer, teacher, poet, student, and an infinite seeker of knowledge.

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